Learn. Do. Share.

The potential of sharing is what drew me to start a blog. Okay, that along with a little challenge from an acquaintance named George Couros, asking if I had anything to share with him that might make him a better principal. I hadn’t really considered that my thoughts might be of interest to people who don’t know me.

That prospect – the power of sharing – is exciting and powerful to me. So, I decided let’s have at it!

There were more questions, a series of questions, about how people outside of my immediate circle of friends and colleagues would know me, how would they connect with me, my thoughts and my philosophies, in particular about education? How could I expand what I am learning from others? How could the power of sharing be amplified? I hadn’t thought about that. But, now I am thinking about that, a lot.

I do think I have something to share. I just hadn’t considered the scope of it.

Sharing is possibly my most favorite thing to do. I love sharing ideas, time, laughter, pictures, stories, food- just about everything. Sharing presents innumerable benefits when it comes to learning, teaching and leading. When we share, we become more powerful learners, and in turn more powerful teachers. We give and take away when we share. I share for the benefit of what it can do for others, hoping that something of benefit will be taken away.

In this blog, I will share my thoughts and perspectives so you can get to know me as an educator. I will likely ask you to share your thoughts and perspectives. I think we can both benefit from the sharing that can take place here.

Thanks for reading.